Sunday, May 12, 2013

Con Edison begins work on extension of Spectra pipeline

WEST VILLAGE, NEW YORK CITY, MAY 12, 2013.  Con Edison has begun work on its extension of the high volume, high pressure Spectra gas pipeline that terminates under the New Whitney museum in New York City's West Village.  Two excavations by contractors along 10th Avenue between Gansevoort and West 14th Street were well on their way yesterday, and workers were cutting pavement at a third site.  In addition, there was reinforcement work by Con Edison contractors across 10th Avenue at West 15th Street, although the relationship of this work to the larger pipeline project is unconfirmed.

The point of connection between the Spectra pipeline and Con Edison's forthcoming extension is a "vault" being built at the base of the New Whitney Museum.  The Con Edison extension is due for completion in the fall of this year, and the contract to build that extension has only recently been awarded, apparently to a local firm.  Separate contractors are building the vault, which appears to be more advanced towards completion.  The New Whitney Museum is itself under construction.  There is a coordination among the Spectra, Con Edison and New Whitney projects that has at times resulted in planned hiatuses in the vault construction.

Please see below a map of existing and future West Village pipeline infrastructure related to the Spectra pipeline, and photographs of the sites labeled red in the map. Except where otherwise specified, the photographs were taken on May 11, 2013.

Map of work sites

Spectra pipeline emerges from the river.  Note in the background the New York City fireboat, moored within the pipeline's fire radius at the Fire Department's Marine Company 1. (This photograph was taken March 30, 2013)

Work on the vault at the base of the New Whitney museum, which is also under construction. This photograph was taken April 6, 2013.

Excavation site 1, near the New Whitney

Excavation Site 2, between Little West 12th Street and West 13th Street

Excavation Site 3, between West 13th Street and West 14th Street

 Contractor truck near Excavation Site 3

"Reinforcement" work on West 15th Street as it crosses 10th Avenue

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