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Spectra Energy, a Texas based gas company backed by JP Morgan, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and  Bank of America, whose risky project Bloomberg helped speed through the approval process intends to construct a natural gas pipeline into NYC.
 This is a volatile project that puts NYC at danger. One of the dangers is that pipelines of this nature have a well documented history of exploding, causing loss of life and property. The proposed plan is to send this pipeline from NJ, underneath the Holland Tunnel and recreational, residential, business areas in NYC's West Village. The route goes under schools, playgrounds, work places, homes and sight seeing places which would put thousands of people at risk of dying.
 Further adding to this risk is Bloomberg's plan to switch NYC's gas supply, which we use to heat and cook with, to this Fracked Gas which carries with it Radon Gas which according to the surgeon general is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the nation today. Bloomberg's plan would result in an increase in demand for Fracked Gas from Pennsylvania and help open up more Hydro Fracking in upstate NY! We are organizing to prevent its construction!

More on Radon:
Radon is a decay product of radium. Radon is a "noble gas" which bonds with nothing; it mixes with the methane and travels with it thru the pipes. It can't be destroyed by burning, the only way to get rid of radon is by radioactive decay. It decays into a series of nasty things including polonium (what the Russians used to poison Alexander Litvinenko) radioactive lead and finally lead. Those nasty elements "plate out" on the sides of the pipelines as it travels, leading to "hot pipes" and causing a future radioactive waste disposal problem. Even minute quantities, when inhaled, are dangerous (the way asbestos is) that's how it causes lung cancer, by lodging in the lung and continuing radioactive decay (to get really sticky about it, the radon itself is usually exhaled, but the decay products lodge in the lungs). Radon is a "heavy" gas (decays into lead) so it "sinks" finding the lowest spot, i.e., the floor, where kids and pets live. 

Were you consulted about having this contaminated Gas pumped into your home for cooking and heating? If they would have checked with you first, would you have given your consent? No? 

That's probably why they didn't ask. It's easier to apologize later than ask permission first.
Shame on You, Bloomberg. 

Bloomberg claims to care about the health safety of NYers. He banned cigarette smoking in public in NYC. Why? Because he is trying to fool us into believing he has our best interests at heart. He doesn't. He priority is Simple. Money & Power. 

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