Friday, August 31, 2012

Coalition Against Rockaway Pipeline

They Want To Put A Pipeline Through The Rockaways Too!


The proposal (Williams Companies).
The Transco/Williams Company  has a plan to build a $265 million Pipeline in the Rockaways and into Brooklyn. The Rockaway Delivery Lateral Project has not been approved yet. If it gets approval it will be creating even more demand for Fracked Gas and put more pressure on NY State to allow drilling upstate, which will destroy dairy farms and people's access to clean water, the very source of life. 

Supplying Fracked Gas to National Grid to serve up to NYC residents is exactly like piping carcinogenic chemicals into your home for your family to inhale. RadioActive elements will be served up to your kids, your loved ones, restaurant workers etc. This is an all out onslaught on Public Health, not to mention the environmental and economic impact it will have on the Recreational Areas in will destroy. Please check out Jamaica Bay Ecowatch for more information. Also check out Brooklyn For Peace's article about this proposed pipeline. From their report: Because the proposed pipeline is in a federal park, Congress must approve it. The House has already done so. The bill is now in the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Call Senators Charles Schumer (202-224-6542) and Kirsten Gillibrand (202-224-4451). Tell them to VOTE NO on HR 2606, the NYC Natural Gas Supply Enhancement Act, when it comes before the Senate.
Please join CARP  and Occupy the Pipeline as we have a Rally on the beach this Sunday to raise awareness and activate those who would protect Public Health and the Environment against Dirty Energy. 
Meet at Jacob Riis Park by the flag pole at 10:30 am. Look for the Giant Fish Puppet! Bring signs and banners be ready to go swimming! We will be out there until 3pm and then will head to an undisclosed location to partake in a blockade training. Come Join Us and you will find out where. Or text @Fracked to 23599 for alerts. 
You can also follow us on twitter! @occupy_pipeline 

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