Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Don't Frack NY Rally

Today's Rally at the Sheraton Hotel to send a message to Cuomo at his Summit that New Yorkers Dont Want New York Fracked was a huge success!
Two Activists infiltrated the Summit Meeting and interupted the program to Perform a Magic Trick which turned water into brine, which the lovely assistant drank and then stumbled out with the help of the security guards. Keep an eye out for the upcoming video. 
The two activists were sitting at the table next to Cuomo, when they stood up and interrupted the speaker. 
The man, a magician spoke:
"Jesus of Nazareth turned water into wine. With the miracle of HydroFracking, Cuomo and his friends at Halliburton will turn water into brine." 
He then did a magic trick with a glass of water, turning it green. He handed it to his lovely assistant, she drank it and started to convulse as she held up a banner that contained an anti fracking message with all the chemicals listed. They were both escorted out of the room, the assistant was half carried as she was dreadfully sickened by the fracked water. We don't know if this influenced Cuomo's decision the next day to postpone lifting the ban on allowing Hydro Fracking in New York State. We can only hope.
Another anonymous action resulted in a banner dropping from the 20th floor of the Sheraton Hotel to the cheering crowd below. 
No arrests were made.

If you see yourself reflected in the faces of those attending the rally, please join us. It's going to take All of Us  to Stand Up and be Counted! We Don't Want Your Fracking Frack, Cuomo, Bloomberg, Spectra, Chase, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and on and on. We will not STOP until YOU STOP.

Water is Life.

photos courtesy of Eric Walton, Christopher Brown and Mickey Vegan.

Join Us! Text @Fracked to 23559 for updates about future actions and planning meetings

follow us on twitter: @occupy_pipeline

Come to the Planning meeting tonite at 450 West Street in Manhattan at 7:30pm

Most Importantly: SPREAD THE WORD!!! Keep up the Good Fight, People.

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