Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spectra Unwelcoming Party

Yesterday about 150 people showed up to give Spectra Energy a vibrant Un-Welcoming Party to NYC. As the Spectra Men were walking the site, pointing and surveying, planning the pipeline construction that could result in 30,000 more cases of lung cancer & thousands of lost lives, homes and businesses if their pipeline explodes. We think it's not an "if" but a "when" the inevitability of a terrible accident looms over their public relations campaign claiming an increase of jobs into the area. We don't think that is worth the risk to life their project presents to NYC, not to mention the increased demand for Fracking in Pennsylvania, NJ and NYS switching NYC over the Fracked Gas would create. We are 100% opposed to Hydro-Fracking practices.

Our Demand? Shut Down the Spectra Pipeline. 

Reverend Billy was on hand to bless the space with an exorcism and a life affirming sermon calling on us to risk our lives to fight for the lives of all of us, for the planet, for clean water and air.

Our friends from the Rude Mechanical Orchestra were on hand, livening up the space with music and incorporating Anti-Spectra chants into their songs.

We had a visit from the NYPD who told us to take our banner down from between two trees. Official statement from the NYPD from yesterday: "Finally You Guys have a Good Cause" You know something is up when even the thugs at the NYPD realize the very real and present dangers from this pipeline. It endangers them as well, along with the good men and woman at the FDNY. They would be forced to risk their lives to put out the fires from the blast. Exploded pipelines have been known to burn for a week at a time. We don't want to make them suffer to save NYC. This is a pre-emptive intervention.

Our Aim is to save lives. We are willing to put our lives in the way to do so. When the government fails to protect us, we need to take our lives into our own hands. Non-Violent Resistance is one tool we have to use. "Civil Disobedience becomes a Sacred Duty when the System is Corrupt" - Gandhi

Our Friend Logan came out to do a teach in on Non-Violent Direct Action. It takes alot of courage and inner peace to stand up to threats and intimidation from the militarized police state.

We will Stand Our Ground. Please Join US!

We have a source at the construction site who has informed us that Spectra Energy is hitting some snags with the permitting from the City of NYC. Spectra Energy wants to shut down the West Side Highway to do construction. Who knows for how long! If the construction of a fracked gas pipeline coming into the west village, under the Holland Tunnel, kids playgrounds, recreational areas, businesses, schools, hospitals and homes is not enough to get NYers pissed, just wait until they can't drive on the West Side Hwy. Oh. No. You. Didn't.

Please COME OUT TODAY! Planning meeting at the Site at 7pm. Bring Banners!

photo credits: Mickey Vegan and Kate Conway and Monica Hunken
Justin Wedes came out to support!!


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