Monday, August 20, 2012

Spectra Showdown Countdown Sunday

We had a good turn out for the Spectra Showdown Sunday rally yesterday. Our campaign is growing as the awareness of what Spectra Energy and Bloomberg are planning for NYC. This pipeline is a HUGE threat to public safety and health.

We had a teach in from Mr. Buck Moorhead, co-founder and vice president of NYH2O

Followed by a Rap song from Monica Hunken.....

Lady Liberty from the OWS Puppet Guild came out to show her disapproval for Spectra's Proposed Pipeline...

We were serenaded by Eve Sibler from Guitarmy...

We had some awesome new activists show up to take the Civil Disobedience training led by Chepe from Cop Watch, Occupy Wall Street and Occucopy.

Chepe led us through a series of exercises and simulated blockades for a hypothetical direct action to stop construction of the pipeline with our bodies. 

"Civil Disobedience Becomes A Sacred Duty When The State is Lawless & Corrupt" Gandhi

raising awareness to residents in the area about the dangers of the Spectra Pipeline.....
most don't know about it. Wonder Why? Maybe Mayor Bloomberg can explain to us how this pipeline he supports is good for public health. He says he is concerned about Public Health, he banned smoking in public places. How does this line up with his desire to pump Radon Gas into the homes of millions of NYC residents??

Monica practicing her Cop Whispering skills after an over zealous man walked onto the construction site despite fellow activists & security guards asking him to stop.
She succeeded, but they still put up a new barricade.

we are fighting for our kids futures. Join Us. If you want to be notified of upcoming actions, 
text @fracked to 23559

we had a visit from the Parks Department on bikes. 
They look tough, but they smiled when I gave them a Smokey the Bear sticker.

dancing is one tactic to confuse police during a blockade.

photo credits: Mickey Vegan, Christopher Brown, Eric Mc Gregor & Lopi LaRoe

Text 23559 with @fracked in the body of the text to join the action alert celly loop.
follow us on Twitter! @occupy_pipeline 

Please Join Us at our next planning meeting on Wednesday August 22, at the Brecht Forum at 7:30pm

Brecht Forum
451 West Street
New York, NY 10014
United States

Between Bank And Bethune Streets, South of West 12th on the West Side highway.

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