Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spectra Showdown Day One

DAY 1 Spectra Showdown August 8th, 2012

Our First Day Occupying the West Side Drill Site there was a small group of us holding it down, talking to the residents in the area to let them know that they are in the potential blast zone from Spectra Pipeline. We handed out flyers to bikers and pedestrians enjoying the scenic Hudson River Greenway. We found that pretty much no one knew about the pipeline coming into their community, let alone the dangers such a pipeline would present to the lives of those living here. We made friends with the Sanitation Workers who are not very happy with Spectra Energy coming into their domain, taking their parking spots. The hammering from the drill was relentless. We found out that the drilling we were witnessing was not from Spectra but from a construction company installing storm drains. We were told that Spectra would be moving in on Monday the 13th of August. We got alot of fists raised and honking of horns from people in the cars passing by on the West Side Highway. Outreach is an important aspect of building a campaign.