Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to the Spectra Site last night to inform the public!

Last night, 7 of us stood in the chilly rain to make sure we told the passers-by that their beautiful bike and jogging path, their playground, their river, their neighborhoods, their homes, their entire city and state PA, NJ and NY is in DANGER of FRACKED GAS AND RADON INTO YOUR HOMES FROM THIS PIPELINE with a big arrow pointing to the site. At red lights, several of us scurried out and handed out postcards filled with information about the Spectra Pipeline. 

I saw every face turn & slowly drive and stare at the site. Great news. This is not just "some construction site". This is a MASSIVE DESTRUCTION site.

We need to do this every single day! We need more volunteers to help hold signs for this action! This will be the way to stop this pipeline from carrying fracked gas and radon into your home.

Michele, Dave, Maureen (from CARP-Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline), Kim & Monica holding the signs. Photos by Erik McGregor.

Monica posing with employees of the Department of Sanitation who are having their workplace turned upside down from Spectra nosing its way into our city.

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