Sunday, October 7, 2012


On Saturday, 30 Fractivists paintied their bodies Green & Choreographed a Frack Mob at the entrance to Spectra Energy's radioactive pipeline construction site. 

This Public Spectra-cle was a performance art statement about the public health and safety risk that the Spectra Energy Pipeline will bring to NYC if it is allowed to continue it's construction on the site at the end of Gansevoort and the Hudson River. 

We are using public spectacle as part of our direct action campaign to shut down the Spectra Energy pipeline. This pipeline will be bringing "Natural" Gas from the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania to the shores of our great city after passing underneath New Jersey. The process of Fracking is how the Gas is extracted from the shale formation. It is highly detrimental to the water table and the entire ecosystem. It also destroys local economy, effecting farming, tourism & recreation. The process of Fracking releases 100's of chemicals into the water system, causing water to become flammable.
The Marcellus Shale contains a higher concentration of radon gas then other Frack Well Sites.
This radon, which is a radioactive carcinogen is released with the natural gas and will be transported to us through the pipeline. Con-Ed has plans to sell this gas to you and I to use in our homes for cooking and heating. A study by Radioactive Waste Management Company showed that use of this radon tinged Gas in our homes will result in 30,000 new cases of Lung Cancer a year in NYC alone.

There is also danger that the pipeline could explode. If and when it does explode, it could take out one of three NYC Fire Boats plus a Children's Playground, not to mention countless homes and businesses and killing thousands.


Frack Mob:

photo: Owen Crowley

photo credit: Owen Crowley

We say NO WAY. 

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