Friday, October 12, 2012

Christine Quinn rejects radon gas hearing for West Village

Christine Quinn rejects radon gas hearing for West Village

A spokesperson from City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's office, on Friday announced, in response to repeated and widespread requests for a hearing on radon in natural gas, "not to expect anything in the next few months." Her explanation: The state health impact study will cover it.

Our response: F*** that. 

For one thing, this issue disproportionately affects city residents. Rural residents may cook with electric or propane. Fracked gas carrying radon will be piped into NYC homes whether residents know it or not. Con Ed has contracted with Spectra and Williams-Transco to provide shale gas to city residents in Manhattan, the Bronx, and other parts of the city; National Grid is about to build a pipeline in Rockaway to supply fracked gas to much of Brooklyn and Queens. 

For another: We have no faith in what the state is doing. The state is not holding hearings or accepting public comments on the health study.The "Health Impact Study" that Cuomo has approved is an inside job--as per Sandra Steingraber, it is NOT an independent study, does not follow the guidelines set up by The World Health Organization or The Center for Disease Control. We won't be surprised at all when Cuomo appointee, Dr. Shah, declares radon a non-issue. 

Thirdly: Quinn has ignored thousands of petitions calling for action on Spectra, and on radon. Over the past 2 years, multiple groups have been politely lobbying her staffers for attention to these issues. They've been asked for one simple measure: that City Council conduct a hearing, something completely within their authority, no sweat off their noses, to allow residents and experts an opportunity to explain and explore the issue. And THAT's been too much for Chris Quinn. 

So now we have to ask, why isn't someone who wants to be mayor of this town looking after our well being? Why isn't the city council rep of the West Village looking out for the residents of her own district, who've not only lost a hospital under her watch, but include a population of immune-compromised residents who are even MORE at risk from fracked, radon-laden gas. 

Time to take off the gloves.

Listen up, Chris Quinn: Protect our health, or you won't be our next mayor.


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