Sunday, October 7, 2012

Danger Radioactive Pipeline!

     We pondered what the best way to alert the public was. We are flyering, talking to people out in the community, hosting non-violent direct actions and training to proceed with those actions, performing "frack mobs" to make people *LOOK* at the atrocity that is the Spectra pipeline. But, what about the numerous amount of cars that drive by daily? How do get them information? 
     Dave Publow, from Occupy the Pipeline, decided to design a set of realistic looking street signs, teamed up with the People's Puppets of Occupy Wall St. to make them - and voila, SOLIDARITY! We produced five 40" x 40" signs for cars passing by, who most likely ~fly~ by, unaware of what this construction site is about.
     DANGER --- FRACKED GAS AND RADON --- INTO YOUR HOME --- FROM THIS PIPELINE --- with an arrow pointing directly at the construction site (or shall we begin to call this... a DESTRUCTION SITE)
     We had a team of 3 folks handing out postcards explaining what is going on when they were stopped at the traffic light. !!! People were incredibly receptive and concerned !!!
     Would YOU like to get involved with stopping this pipeline? We need volunteers to hold these signs and hand out literature as often as possible! Contact us if you want to get involved! STOP SPECTRA!

 Photo Essay by Minister Erik R. McGregor!
Signs courtesy of the OWS Puppet Guild!

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